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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

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Bongo drum
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Can you imagine, going to work on only two and a half hours sleep?

Can you imagine, the reason being that your neighbour had friends over and they insisted on playing bongo drums amplifying their guitars and screaming at the top of their voices “We will we will rock you!” 'til
3 o'clock in the morning? You look up and find your light fittings moving thru 180 degrees above the heads of yourself and your partner. It's at that moment you realize he and his friends are literally jumping off a stage he had built in his living room,in the apartment above you. Can you imagine how that feels?

Over a five and a half year period this happens every night,you are flooded thirteen times and never receive an apology. You suffer from sleep deprivation,which is one of the ugliest forms of torture ever created,You complain to to local housing office, who tell you ,you live in an inner city estate, “so live with it!” You contact the police and ask for assistance over one hundred times and they do nothing but say, you are “over reacting”.You send emails to every member of parliament,only to be told protocol,they can't or wont do anything,sorry!

So record everything, you present the evidence to the powers that be and they say, it's not enough evidence, so you publish it all on the Internet. In other words you “Name and Shame” just like the Police do, just like the Newspapers do and what happens?

You get arrested nine times over eighteen months,you are paraded in front of magistrates and judges to be told that you are intolerant, your behaviour is unreasonable and because you can string more than a few sentences together you are pedantic. You lose your job, your health deteriorates to to point where, when you go to the toilet you shit blood !

You can't tell your story because you are told over and over that it is harassment. The videos that you took and the vicious racial abuse that you recorded are uploaded to the internet and they accuse you of harassing the person who has been harassing you for five and a half years. What is the final outcome you're wondering?

They re-house him give him a beautiful new apartment and guess what they increase his benefits. The victim gets a criminal record, all he wanted to do was to live in peace. Can you believe this story? Is it fact or fiction?

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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Work Smart, Get Organized, Become Effective

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What is Turbo Traffic Hits...Traffic Exchange, Mailer, Url Cloaker, Mailing Site Scheduler?...Yes!

After using Turbo Traffic Hits, I can honestly say that it is all of the above...and even more!

TTH is an exciting new Traffic Exchange that is very dynamic in nature. It was created and developed

by Kathy Pleasance and Johnny Baxter. After owning and managing several other advertising websites
individually, Kathy and Johnny decided to bring the ultimate in advertising to the internet.

Turbo Traffic Hits is a well designed site, with nice graphics and links that allow you to easily navigate

from one page to another. One very especially appealing feature about TTH is that when a new prospect
lands on the home page, they have immediate access to info about the owners. They can read an admin
message from Kathy and Johnny, open a FAQs page and most importantly, they can read all about the
Turbo Scheduler. (More about that further down).

Here is how it works...

Turbo Traffic Hits gives all members the ability to surf, or view, other members websites and to receive

credits for doing so. Their level of membership determines how many credits each member receives for surfing.
Members can also display their banners and text ad messages for all other members to see.

TTH has surfing contests, bonus pages with surprises and the "Word Search Game" where after surfing a

random number of sites, members are awarded a letter. After they surf enough to spell one of several words,
then they receive extra bonus credits. TTH offers an extra special treat for their surfing members.
They call it the "Credit Boost". At random periods of time, the "Credit Boost" can kick in. When
it does "kick in", the surfing credits are increased...sometimes even doubled. So be sure to watch for this.
It may last for only an hour or sometimes for a day or more.

Another very popular feature that TTH offers is the "Downline Builder". Here, you can enter you personal

affiliate link for any of the programs that are listed. When you personal referrals join any of these sites,
they will do so using your link.

A Url Cloaker feature is also provided. This allows you to hide or mask your affiliate link so that someone

cannot "steal" your commissions. This is available to all levels, including free members.

Turbo Traffic Hits even has a mailer so that every member can send a message promoting their
website or
affiliate program
to other members. The frequency of mailing and the number of members that can be mailed
to vary...depending on the individual membership level.

The most impressive benefit that Turbo Traffic Hits offers to it's members is the "Turbo Scheduler".

Here are it's main features: (1.)...Categorize TE's, TAE's, Safelists, Mailers, etc. (2.)...Log into each individual
site and send your promo from within Turbo Traffic Hits (3.)...Reset the timer and be reminded when it
is time to send again (4.)...Save your promo ad and subject line. This will save a HUGE amount of
time for marketers. Members can now log in, surf for credits, check the Turbo Scheduler to see where and
when they can send their promos...All from ONE site...Turbo Traffic Hits!

No more looking for login information, not knowing which list you can
mail to on what day...losing time and money.
Losing potentials referrals because you missed a mailing.

Upgrade or Remain a Free Member...

Although Kathy and Johnny would love for you to
upgrade, they realize that each member has to make that choice,
based on their own personal ability to do so. TTH is set up so that free members can enjoy all the benefits of
surfing, including the "Word Search Game" and the "Credit Boost". Unlike some sites, free members have access to the
"Downline Builder" and "Viral Url Cloaker".
Free Members can send an email promo, once every 7 days to either their downline or 250 random members. Johnny and Kathy even allow free members to have use of the "Turbo Scheduler".

Actually, Kathy and Johnny make it real easy for those who would like to upgrade. In fact, they have 3 upgraded levels...

Turbo, Pro Turbo and Super Turbo. Each upgraded level gives members more surfing credits, access to emailing more members,
more often and most importantly, more access to and use of the "Turbo Scheduler". Also, upgraded members are given
surfing credits each month and the ability to add more sites to add to the surfing bar. The number of credits and sites depend
on the upgraded level for that member.

My Final Thoughts...

Turbo Traffic Hits is a very unique and different traffic exchange...there has never been this combination of features seen before.

The features that Kathy and Johnny have designed into the "Turbo Scheduler", alone, are valued at more than twice what the
highest upgrade level in TTH will be and that's not even including everything else they offer.

Hint: After you log in for the first time, you will be given a
one time offer to upgrade for an insanely low cost. While the cost inside
is still very low, if you can swing it, I would recommend that you take the oto. In fact, Kathy and Johnny are offering a one time only
lifetime membership level for a lot less than the normal annual cost. This will only last so long because they are going to limit the
total lifetime members.

Click Here to Visit Turbo Traffic Hits

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